VEU Academy


VEU Academy is the premier learning, resource, and services designation for entrepreneurs and creatives. As an extension of our parent company VEU Magazine, which stands for Visionaries and Entrepreneurs United, we understand the needs and wants of those forward thinking visionaries aiming for success. VEU Academy is comprised of various learning tools, service offerings, and networking resources. Our goal is to conveniently assist you throughout your business and creative journey, while forging a community of elevated collaboration. Learn more about VEU Magazine at www.veumagazine.com


Meet The Founder

 VEU Academy was launched by self taught fashion designer, author, and entrepreneur, Adrena Martin. With the initial launch of VEU Magazine back in 2015, she was able to gain more insight into the needs of other business owners like herself. After successfully consulting numerous entrepreneurs, she realized a common need within the creative and entrepreneurial community. Learn more about Adrena at www.whoisadrena.com

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